Pearlette E. Springer

Available Services or Activities:

  1. Presentations
  2. In-Service Days
  3. Facilitations

Educational Degrees, Institutions, Certificates and Professional Licenses:

Working on BS in Public and Urban Affairs - Indiana University Northwest
Working on Associate Degree in Minority Studies
Working on Certificate in Lay Ministry in Catholic Church

Work Experiences that reflect present expertise:

  • Director of African-American Catholic Ministry in Diocese of Gary
  • Has served as Lay Leader on Cursillo Weekend Retreat
  • Have given several speeches including History of Black Catholics, Kwanzaa, Laity in the Catholic Church, Evangelization, Study and Piety in the Catholic Church

Address, Phone, Fax, and / email address:

Pearlette E. Springer
3565 Broadway
Gary, IN 46409
Phone (219) 884-5464
Fax: (219) 884-5466

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