White (Europeans / Caucasians) Nonwhite (People of Color)

Response Repertories

White Supremacy

Whites relating to Nonwhites Nonwhites relating to Whites Nonwhite Supremacy Colorists / Intermediates


Denial that Nonwhites are equal human beings Denial of white privilege, avoidance and / or hostility towards Nonwhites Denial of effects of racism in my life Denial that Whites are people, both good and bad Denial of their nonwhiteness or whiteness


Anger that Nonwhites enjoy some degree of enfranchisement Anger when their racism (blatant or latent) is pointed out Anger at the realization that racism has circumscribed and impacted their life from birth Anger that Nonwhites do not see what White society is perpetrating Anger when their humanity is denied or confined based on nonwhiteness


Bargaining: My Whiteness is protected by the separation and avoidance of nonwhites Bargaining: "I am not a racist. I don't see color. I judge people by their character." Bargaining: "I am not like the rest of the Nonwhite race," i.e. Oreo (Black), Apple (Native), Coconut (Hispanic), Banana (Asian) Bargaining: Separation from white control of nonwhite community and psyche Bargaining: To escape the oppression - I am not Nonwhite, only partially so


Depression: People of Color are seen enjoying the benefits of White enfranchisement Depression: Discovery of racial dysfunction in attitudes, feelings and behavior Depression: No guarantee of equal treatment, kept in our place Depression: The  realizing that Nonwhites are inter-connected with white society Depression: Society does not let one escape their Nonwhite status


Acceptance: The value of society's enfranchisement is based on my humanity, not my whiteness Acceptance: My recovery from racism begins with myself and my world Acceptance: Acceptance of  operating in a hostile society Acceptance: Nonwhites are part of society and deserve to be enfranchised Acceptance: To recover my self-esteem based on my person, not my degree of - whiteness

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