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The following is a process to engage our mental health, our spiritual health and public health as Personal Growth. The following process can open a space within each one of us for the Word of God to give us what we need spiritually, emotionally and mentally to continue on the road to racial sobriety.

1. Read the Gospel and prayfully reflect on it.
2. Write your own commentary on what it says to your journey towards racial sobriety.
3. Discern what stage(s) of racial sobriety came to your attention in the reading of the gospel and your commentary.
4. Study the chapter(s) on the stage(s) and read the “Voices” section of the stage(s).
5. Reflect on the questions at the end of the chapter(s) and discover the issues that you must address.
6. Prayerfully make a resolution for yourself that will be your spiritual exercise in your interactions with people for the week. Review that resolution and your actions to see how your spiritual exercise was a source of growth each day that week.
7. Give thanks to God for your growth, and pray to God for mercy in your failings. Continue with the process for the graces needed for the journey to racial sobriety.

Enjoy your racial sobriety!

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