The journey to personal development in Racial Sobriety can be pursued in as many ways as there are people. Each person has their own motivation, challenge and capacity for growth. The best way to begin the journey towards healing and wholeness is to attend an introductory workshop. There is a national calendar of workshops offered below, as well as a directory of Certified Facilitators throughout the country who are offering workshops. An immediate way to begin the journey is by purchasing the book. There are formats in the book that provides directions for individual growth and a small group process if desired. For those who are seeking to be leaders in better racial, ethnic, religious relations, there are the various programs for training. And for those who belong to church organizations there is a bible commentary on the Sunday readings as they relate to the spirituality of racial sobriety.

National Calendar
Directory of Certified Facilitator
The Book on Racial Sobriety
Gospel Commentary

Enjoy your Racial Sobriety!

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