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The following format can direct educational efforts to share the Gospel and racial sobriety.

1. Read the Gospel and the commentary on it to begin your session.

2. Ask the audience to respond to the Gospel from the perspective of the commentary. What does it say to their particular struggle for racial sobriety?

3. Share with the group a stage(s) of racial sobriety that you feel the Gospel and the commentary brought to your mind. Tell the audience why this came to your mind. Share with them the “voices” from the beginning of the chapter for that stage(s).

4. Invite someone to show their “voice” through an incident or a reflection on how the Gospel sheds light on their journey to racial sobriety.

5. End the session with a prayer form that allows each person to find their “voice” in prayer for the assistance of the Holy Spirit to deepen their commitment to seeing each person as their brother or sister.

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