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Three Hour/One Day Workshop on Individual Racial Sobriety

This three to six hour workshop reviews the Recovery from Racisms® process and presents the method of using the Stages of Intervention and the Stages of Racial Sobriety for personal and small group formats. (Click here to go to Directory of Facilitators)

One Day Workshop on Working Groups and Racial Sobriety

This six hour workshop takes the Recovery from Racisms® approach and demonstrates its use with committees and working groups that are designing antiracism programs for educational, religious and corporate communities. This workshop requires a previous experience with Individual Recovery Work.
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Focal Support Group Work for Racial Sobriety

This is an intensive program for leaders and individuals seeking a deep investigation of their racial perceptions and actions and how these play themselves out in daily thoughts, actions and decision-making processes. The program is a series of 10 sessions with a group of participants working with a Certified Facilitator.
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