Formats for Training

Training as a Certified Facilitator in Racial Sobriety (SM)

The various programs are formatted to accommodate groups as small as six and 250 on a location. Web-based and streaming video can accommodate up to 100 sites across the country or the globe. We have successfully facilitated workshops with ZOOM and are prepared to incorporate presenters from various locations and discussions with breakout room activities.

This 30-hour training program introduces the candidates to the concepts, understanding, and dynamics of the Racial Sobriety approach. The Certified Facilitator can assist and direct various audiences groups in the following services:

Introduction to Racial Sobriety

  • Working Groups
  • Executive Leadership Workshops

There are national training opportunities opened to the public listed in the national calendar and private training sponsored by individual organizations for their membership.

(National Training Calendar)

Formation as a Licensed Trainer in Racial Sobriety (SM)

This is a 100-hour program for Certified Facilitators only. The mentoring and training experience will take the Certified Facilitator throughout the country assisting in training Certified Facilitators from diverse communities and institutions to acquire the skills of managing and instruction of the candidates seeking certification as trainers. (Limited to Certified Facilitators)

For more information, go to our website,; or contact:

Fr. Clarence Williams, CPPS, Ph.D. Director